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ED204 - Tomorrow's Learning Environment Today

  • Instructional planning and delivery is undergoing dynamic changes with the availability of technology and expanded avenues through which information can be provided. Instructors need to be aware of how they can expand their instructional formats to include the latest technology and learning theories. This course provides information about the different forms of learning and how they can be implemented into classrooms and laboratories. Other topics covered in the course include different strategies for learning including transformative and cooperative methods as well as collaborative and experiential methods that help to engage learners.

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ED101 Effective Teaching Strategies ED102 Student Retention Methods ED103 Student Learning and Assessment ED104 Class Management Strategies ED105 Instructional Planning for Student Success ED106 Enhancing Student Learning ED107 Creating an Accelerated Learning Environment ED108 Learning Theory and Practice ED109 Preparing and Creating Lesson Plans ED110 Time and Stress Management for Instructors ED111 Active Learning Methods ED112 Influencing Student Motivation ED113 Managing the Adult Classroom ED114 Questioning in the Classroom ED115 Soft Skills for Instructors ED116 Critical Thinking Processes and Applications ED117 Teaching Gen Y Students ED119 Using Technology to Engage and Educate ED120 Nonverbal Communication in the Classroom ED121 Creating Service Learning Opportunities for Career College Students ED123 Adaptive Learning in Higher Education ED124 Flipping Your Classroom ED125 Effective and Efficient Instructional Strategies ED126 Integrating Technology into Education ED201 Students with Disabilities in the College Classroom ED202 Teaching English Language Learners ED203 Technology Integration for Instructors ED205 Enhancing Students' Professional Skills ED206 Teaching in the Lab and Shop Environment ED207 Outside the Classroom: Experiential Learning ED208 Adult Learning Theories ED209 Students as Customers ED310 Teaching Medical Terminology in Fun and Exciting Ways ED311 Creative Teaching Tools in Clinical and Didactic Courses ED312 Teaching to the Learning Styles of Allied Health Students ED322 Introduction to Culinary Instruction ED330 Effective Assessments for Bodywork Instructors