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FAPSC - Online Training Update
August 2015  
FAPSC - CHEP Featured National Certification Opportunity

Certified Higher Educational Professional (CHEP) in Admissions

In an increasingly competitive and highly regulated environment, admissions personnel must achieve the highest standard of performance to succeed. They must foster an environment of trust and maintain a customer-first attitude. This training program is for admissions personnel who aspire to master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape. Gain an understanding of the regulations that affect student interactions and master the skills necessary to execute a successful long-term enrollment management strategy mutually beneficial to students and the institution. >>>

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FAPSC - ED330 New Online Training Course!

ED330 - Effective Assessments for Bodywork Instructors

As a hands-on instructor, have you ever asked yourself, “I taught it, but did they learn it?” Have you ever struggled with developing evaluation tools relevant to the hands-on field? This course shifts focus from teaching to learning. It advocates for a learner-centered, competency-based classroom where quality evaluation is crucial. The course uses Bloom’s taxonomy as a guide for developing learning outcomes and the assessments to measure student success. A variety of evaluation tools and rubrics are introduced. >>>

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FAPSC - ED106 Training That’s Trending Right Now

EL106 - Evaluating Student Learning in Online Courses

This course will provide you with the knowledge to effectively evaluate student learning in an online environment. Technology tools play a vital role in the evaluation process and several are discussed in this module. Discussion will also be provided to help you further understand how to complete formative and summative assessments, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of objective and subjective assessments. Value-added assessments are also discussed in light of how they can be completed and provide feedback for course revision. >>>

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FAPSC - CO101 Free Soft Skills Tutorial

CO101 - Using Effective Communication Methods

Communication and organizational success are directly related. Good communication can have a positive and mobilizing effect on employees. Poor communication can produce powerful negative consequences. In this tutorial, we cover practices that will help managers and supervisors to become more effective communicators. >>>

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FAPSC - Member Benefit Member Benefit

Members receive discounted Online Training for school administrators, faculty and staff with a Member VIP Code. Each course is self-paced, and offers 4 hours of continuing education credit. Not a member? Contact your association to join today.