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FAPSC - Online Training Update
November 2015  
New Online Training Course

CM140 - Title IX and VAWA Training: Building Safer Campuses

This course is designed to assist school personnel at all levels in the understanding of the provisions of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”), and the Clery Act as it was amended in the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013. (“VAWA”). These laws require that all individuals in school settings understand and comply with the laws in terms of what is prohibited behavior in relation to sexual harassment and/or sexual violence, and what steps are to be followed when such prohibited conduct occurs. This course gives the participants information about the laws, as well as procedures to follow, to provide for the rights of all individuals under the laws. It also provides additional resources to assist schools in continuing to build and strengthen their Title IX and VAWA policies, procedures and training throughout the year. >>>

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Personal Insights | Real Insights by Real People of Career Education 

Dealing with Stress

Cynthia Sotomayor (Career Ed Lounge Member) takes ballroom dance classes to cope with stress. View Cynthia's insights on stress and share your own thoughts and experiences. >>>

The Use of YouTube In the Classroom

Jennifer Betts (Career Ed Lounge Member) finds educational YouTube videos to be useful in an online classroom. View Jennifer's insights on classroom supplement materials and share your own thoughts and experiences. >>>

The Career Ed Lounge is an online learning community of over 75,000 career education professionals. Faculty, management and staff of career-oriented higher education institutions around the world have joined together to advance their knowledge, performance and careers.

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Training That’s Trending Right Now

OP110 - Developing Effective Advisory and Governing Boards

This course will provide a blueprint, with accompanying checklists, for establishing and maintaining effective advisory and governing boards in a career school setting. Board members have to be identified, recruited, and trained to be effective and to understand their role as individual contributors and as members of a group of advisors. To gain maximum leverage from a board, members must also remain motivated and retain a concentrated focus on the school's mission, purposes and goals. >>>

RT102 - Orientation and First Week Activities to Increase Retention

This online course provides practical ideas on designing an orientation program, first-week-of-class and other retention activities that connect the student with faculty, the college and each other that will help you retain and graduate more students. >>>

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Free Higher Education Lesson

HE101 - Higher Education in the United States

In this lesson, you'll receive an overview of the characteristics of higher education in the United States and how each characteristic impacts operations at postsecondary institutions. Additionally, you'll review the challenges facing postsecondary institutions in the 21st century.  >>>

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