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FAPSC - Online Training Update
May 2015  
FAPSC - CHEP Featured National Certification Opportunity

Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) in Career Services

In today's environment, career services professionals must help diverse student populations navigate through a complex, highly competitive labor market. This training program is for career services personnel who wish to develop and hone the skills necessary to help students become gainfully employed in a 21st century economy. Gain an understanding of relevant regulations that impact student interactions in higher education, improve assistance provided to diverse populations, and use strategies and skills to maximize graduate employment outcomes. >>>

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FAPSC - EL116 New Online Training Course!

EL116 - The Asynchronous, Self-Directed Learning Model

This course will provide you with a basic overview of designing and implementing asynchronous, self-directed online courses effectively. It will review the differences between synchronous and asynchronous online courses. Traditional components of face-to-face courses such as readings, written assignments, and discussions work well in the asynchronous online class environment, but what happens to laboratory assignments and applications? Can they fit into the online course model? Courses which need a lab component, especially the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses, may seem impossible to complete in the online environment. Practical examples of effective online lab situations will be provided in this module. This will assist in promoting student engagement and increasing the student’s learning potential. >>>

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FAPSC - ED123 Training That's Trending Right Now

ED123 - Adaptive Learning in Higher Education

This course will provide you with a basic overview of the background and history of an innovative instructional method called Adaptive Learning (AL). AL is growing in popularity and differs from traditional educational methods as it focuses on individualized, personalized instruction for everyone. With the rise of technology, AL has a definite place in higher education. This course discusses the background, importance, issues, attitude changes, implementation and future of AL. The advantages outweigh any disadvantages as AL can help create individualized instruction and increase student success. >>>

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FAPSC - CI103 Free Soft Skills Tutorial

CI103 - Creative Thinking and Idea Generation

Creativity helps us solve problems and make positive breakthroughs. We all have the capacity for creativity. However, our thinking styles can boost or limit our creative ability. This tutorial describes how we can boost our creativity and outlines various methods for idea generation. >>>

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FAPSC - Member Benefit Member Benefit

Members receive discounted Online Training for school administrators, faculty and staff with a Member VIP Code. Each course is self-paced, and offers 4 hours of continuing education credit. Not a member? Contact your association to join today.